Public Policy Research Center (CENTER) is a team of innovative researchers and digital enthusiasts deliberating on the future of work in Serbia, as well as inclusive security and the creation of sustainable partnerships focused on social change. The CENTER was founded in year 2010 as an independent think tank aiming to contribute to the development of a sustainable, prosperous and just society in which the opinions and concerns of all citizens are equally heard and appreciated.

The CENTER strongly believes that the future of work should be addressed immediately if Serbia desires to keep a high quality of employment legacies in place. The future transformation will depend on today’s responses of policy-makers, business leaders, and workers in Serbia.


The third national conference ‘The Elusive World of Remote Work’ will look into the phenomenon of remote work and examine potential future scenarios, opportunities, and consequences of the mass transition to teleworking due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The question in our focus this year will be – is teleworking a new freedom in the realm of decent work or a fast-track to the platformisation of work?

This year’s conference ‘The Elusive World of Remote Work, Home Edition’ is brought to you online via Zoom on 25 November 2020 in line with both safety measures due to the pandemic as well as in homage to the topic itself. Conference start is at noon (12 am CET).

FOW2020 program is available HERE

FOW2020 Organizational team

Branka Andjelkovic  – Conference Director    
Tanja Jakobi   – Conference Director
Iva Tomic – Conference Coordinator  
Ivan Sukovic – Art Exhibition Coordinator
Sonja Lundin – Visual Identity

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