In his “ArtWORKs” series of paintings, Belgrade-based artist Žolt Kovač explores the topic of work in contemporary society. Lead by his own experience of burnout after more than a decade of being parallely present on several creative and activist scenes, his works analyze changes and problems of the contemporary notion of work – such as working time, precarious work, multitasking, exhaustion, parenthood, productivity and other. Problems of work are processed in a visual language that uses a mixture of street art, graphic design, typography and abstraction, all of which together increase the communicative and expressive potential of the images.

Žolt Kovač
Born in Pančevo, Serbia in 1975. After accomplishing Mathematical High School, studies on Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. M.A. (2002) and D.A. (2016) from the same faculty. Attended School for History and Theory of Images at CCA Belgrade. Has exhibited on 20 solo shows and many group exhibitions at home and abroad (Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Czech, Estonia, Greece, Russia, Macedonia). Works as professor  on Belgrade Politechnic College. Co-founder of online magazine for contemporary art Supervizuelna ( Plays bass guitar in alternative rock band Jarboli. Lives in Belgrade.