The portfolio of artworks dubbed “Topic One” is the result of the collaboration between the Serbian think tank Public Policy Research Center (CENTER) and the artist Mario Kolaric. In this endeavour, massive amounts of data regarding the workload executed by crowdworkers were gathered by CENTER and later transformed into digital renderings in the form of drawings and a video installation, to create an abstract narrative through simple visual elements through Kolarić’s craftsmanship.

We now offer the fruit of our joint labour in the form of ‘non-fungible tokens’ (NFT), digital tokens that are redeemable for a digital art piece – typically offered via specialist auction sites, in our case Solsea – free to be stored on a digital platform or device and used according to your personal wishes, all the while retaining your token. Unlike the commercial gallery business model, NFTs promise a better world for artists by cutting out the need for a middle man, enabling artists to trade directly online. On top of that, each time an NFT is resold, its creator will continue to profit.

Shaping an egalitarian world for decent work is one of the fundamental principles in the CENTER’s research on crowdwork, thus making this collaboration with Mario both a truly aesthetic and ethical endeavour. Visit Solsea to take part in the future of an emancipated art market, starting from November 25th.