Public Policy Research Center (CENTER) is a team of innovative researchers and digital enthusiasts deliberating on the future of work in Serbia, as well as inclusive security and the creation of sustainable partnerships focused on social change. The CENTER was founded in year 2010 as an independent think tank aiming to contribute to the development of a sustainable, prosperous and just society in which the opinions and concerns of all citizens are equally heard and appreciated.

The CENTER strongly believes that the future of work should be addressed immediately if Serbia desires to keep a high quality of employment legacies in place. The future transformation will depend on today’s responses of policy-makers, business leaders, and workers in Serbia.

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The third national conference ‘The Elusive World of Remote Work’ was devoted to the phenomenon of remote work. It examined potential future scenarios, opportunities, and consequences of the mass transition to teleworking due to the Covid-19 pandemic. FOW2020 debated the following questions: is teleworking a new freedom in the realm of decent work or a fast-track to the platformization of work?
Thanks everyone for participation, contribution and great atmosphere.

 See you at FOW2021!

FOW2020 Organizational team

Branka Andjelkovic  – Conference Director    
Tanja Jakobi   – Conference Director
Iva Tomic – Conference Coordinator  
Ivan Sukovic – Art Exhibition Coordinator
Sonja Lundin – Visual Identity


Jon Messenger

Team Leader for the Working Conditions Group at the International Labour Organization (ILO)

Andrea Glorioso

Principal Administrator - Policy Officer at the European Commission

Tijana Zunic Maric

IT lawyer and Partner at Zunic Law

Ivan Sekulovic

Public Policy Adviser, Center for Democracy Foundation

Danijela Bobic

Technical Adviser - Sustainable Economic Development, UNDP Serbia

Milos Turinski

PR manager Poslovi Infostud

Ljiljana Pavlovic

Head of Membership Department, Serbian Association of Employers

Barbara Gerstenberger

Head of the Working Life Unit, Eurofound

Nevena Ruzic

Program Coordinator Open Society Organisation, Serbia

Vladan Zivanovic

Country Manager, Euronet Worldwide Inc. Serbia

Vladan Ivanovic

Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac

Tanja Jakobi

Executive Director and Senior Researcher, Public Policy Research Center

Branka Anđelkovic

Co-founder and Programme Director, Public Policy Research Center

Danilo Krivokapic

Director at SHARE Foundation, Belgrade

Marija Babovic

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Director of Programmes at SeConS Development Initiative Group

Marjan Stojanovic

Head of ICT Association at Chamber of Commerce and Industry Serbia

Jovan Protic

National Coordinator for Serbia at International Labour Organization, Belgrade

Aleksandra Vitorovic

International Department, United Branch Trade Unions Nezavisnost

Mario Reljanovic

Research Associate, Institute of Comparative Law, Belgrade

Bojan Urdarevic

Labor Law Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Kragujevac

Milan Dobrijevic

Assistant Minister, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication

Bojana Vasiljevic

Executive Director, Human Resources East Europe, NCR Corporation

Zlatko Petrovic

Assistant Secretary General, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection

Territory of Working Environments

Online solo exhibition of drawings and installations
by Sava Knežević

We offer participants of our third conference on the future of work a virtual tour of Sava Knežević’s Territory of Working Environments from the comfort and safety of their homes. Let your own emotions and those of the artist guide you on your online visit to U10 Art Space as you explore the new spaces of our lives.

Territory of Working Environments is a reflection on the key topic of the conference, where the future is placed centre stage, especially at this time of uncertainty brought about by the ongoing pandemic and the mass shift to remote working. Focusing on the issue of uncertainty, on the cusp between what is now and what comes next, the author employs both drawing and creates an installation that merges glass, colour, and space.

The author interprets topics that are common knowledge but defy a single-sided reading, instead allowing one to look at the broader context of man in the unpredictable society and community of today. Boxes and spent blister packs of medicines hint at a refuge where the consumer culture system attempts to ‘heal’ us in small doses. They are a comment of sorts that both introduces the onlooker to today’s state of affairs but also ambiguously asks whether the problem with modern life perhaps lies in its sense of unfinishedness and a recognition that things are not as they seem.

The installation is in the form of a traditional stained glass window, a sumptuous decorative element whose clear geometric mullions bring a sense of balance to the space. Here we face a work whose glass facets are painted with cold white shelves containing medicines that become clearer as the light shines through them.

In their presentation, the spontaneous and unaffected drawings and the stained glass installations deny any aesthetic pretensions and create an unsubstantial, mystical atmosphere, making it difficult to decide whether these scenes attract or repel us. All elements of Territory of Working Environments admonish us and remind us of their purpose and function in our daily rituals in time of uncertainty, as we live the dilemma: do I believe in the power and ability to cure problems, or does doing so only make the symptoms visible?

Ivan Sukovic
Art Exhibition Coordinator

About the artist
Sava Knežević graduated painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. His work is regularly exhibited at shows both in Serbia and abroad. Sava joined ULUS, the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, in 2012. He has authored and contributed to murals at multiple sites throughout Serbia and taken part in volunteering programmes for children without parental care and children with special needs. Sava is a co-founder of U10 Art Space and teaches at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.



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