Are you ultimately a Luddite if you call for labor rights in times of the rise of intelligent automation?

12 PM
25 NOV 2021

Can societies adjust to technological change by adhering to values and norms which put human interest at the forefront? This hot topic will be in focus of the Fourth National Conference, Future of Work 2021 – Just Innovation. This year’s conference will zoom in on the ethical dimension and effects of new technologies and intelligent automation on the future of work in Serbia and globally.

Inspired by the recent work of acclaimed economists Dani Rodrik, Daron Acemoglu, Ricardo Hausmann, and the like, we will seek solutions for keeping the best of humanity in the application of machine learning (Artificial Intelligence – AI) and automation. The development of new technologies and AI creates both hopes for increased efficiency and economic progress as well as concerns about whether these advancements will be human-centered, bringing welfare to all mankind, or work to the benefit of only the few.

We argue that governments, along with other players – businesses, workers, NGOs and the general public – are the ultimate shapers of the technological landscape and “may tilt the playing field to determine what kind of innovations take place” (Rodrik, 2020).

12 PM


Conference Speakers

Aleksandar Bijelic

Chief Digital Officer MK Group

Tamara Katic

Research Assistant at Temple University, Philadelphia

Tijana Nikolic

Senior Data Scientist Sogeti Center of Excellence

Vesna Fabian

The Head of the Group for Dual Education and National Qualifications Framework at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia

Daniela Zampini

Employment Specialist ILO Office for Central and Eastern Europe

Milan Nedeljkovic

Dean, FEFA Faculty and Managing Partner, EM Analytic Solutions

Bogdan Mijovic

co-founder and CTO at mBrainTrain

Nenad Micic

CEO of ICM Electronics

Branka Andjelkovic

Co-founder and Programme Director of the Public Policy Research Center

Tanja Jakobi

Executive Director of the Public Policy Research Center

Mareike Möhlmann

Assistant Professor, Information and Process Management, Bentley University

This year’s
conference exhibition

Mario Kolaric is a visual artist, born in 1984. in Belgrade, grew up in Osijek, and graduated in 2010. from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists in Zagreb from 2010. He works in the field of drawings, objects, and installations, creating an abstract narrative through simple visual elements. So far he has had nine solo shows and several group shows in the Balkans and Europe. He is currently living and working in Paris.

Mario Kolaric

Establishing your presence implies ephemerality. We exist as long as our inhale and exhale last. Still, some traces remain. They, as the sum of our deeds and decisions, eventually take our form and serve as the “other self”. It gives an image of us, present even when we are absent, and like a mirror it imitates our next step. If we are lucky, that step will continue even when our next step is no more.

Mario Kolaric - Note - installation view 6 (1)
Mario Kolaric - Vista
SOUD - detail big

FOW 2021

Branka Andjelkovic

Conference director

Tanja Jakobi

Conference Director

Ljubivoje Radonjic

Conference Coordinator

Ivan Sukovic

Art Exhibition Coordinator

Sonja Lundin

Visual Identity

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